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Training NYPD Officers

The court required the NYPD to revise its stop and frisk training in order toadhere to constitutional standards and New York State law. Required topics include: when a stop, frisk, or search may be conducted; trespass enforcement and interior patrols; proper documentation of stops; and supervisors’ responsibility for reviewing officers’ stops, frisks, and searches. The Court also required the NYPD to revise its training regarding the illegality of racial profiling. Members of racially defined groups may not be targeted for stops simply because members of that racial group appear more frequently in local crime suspect data. Race may be considered only when the stop is based on a specific and reliable suspect description. Training was required for both officers and supervisors, as well as for recruits in the Police Academy. New training was also required for(1) recruits and for members of the NYPD’s Housing Bureau regarding trespass enforcement and patrols in NYCHA housing developments; (2) plainclothes officers; and (3) Field Training Officers. Refresher training was also required, which the NYPD is currently developing.