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2021-11-28 NY Daily News – Eric Adams’ Op Ed
2021-02-17 NY Daily News – The Picture of Accountability
2020-11-30 NY Times – Police Body Cameras Cited as ‘Powerful Tool’ Against Stop-and-Frisk Abuses
2019-01-29 WNYC – The NYPD Says Stop-and-Frisk is Way Down. A Federal Monitor is Skeptical.
2019-01-15 AM New York – NYPD Unable to Substantiate Hundreds of Profiling Complaints
2018-03-06 The Chief – Justifying the Stops at Stop-and-Frisk School
2017-12-22 The Chief Leader – Some Cops Haven’t Filed Stop-and-Frisk Reports as Required
2017-12-13 NY Times – City Police Officers Are Not Reporting All Street Stops, Monitor Says
2017-11-20 The Chief Leader – Stop-and-Frisk Monitor Says Cops Concerned About Being Supported
2017-11-16 NY Daily News – NYPD Cops ‘Express Fear’ of Carrying Out Stop-and-Frisks in Testing Phase of New Training, Monitor Reports
2017-10-30 The Chief Leader – Outside Monitor Favors NYPD System of Evaluations Measuring ‘Total Cop’
2017-10-20 NY Times – Police Evaluations Should Focus on Lawfulness of Stops, Monitor Says
2017-06-07 NY Daily News – NYPD Stop-and-Frisk Report Downplays Racial Disparities, Court Papers Say
2017-05-31 NY Daily News – NYPD Stop-and-Frisk Searches Drop, But Racial Bias Remains the Same: Report
2017-05-30 NY Times – Street Stops by New York City Police Have Plummeted
2017-04-17 The Chief Leader – Monitor Signs Off on NYPD ‘Camera’ Rules, Says Add-Ons Needed
2017-01-05 NY Post – Feds Approve NYPD Training to Keep Loiterers Away
2017-01-05 NY Daily News – NYPD Monitor Pushes for Training on When Cops Can Kick Residents Out of Clean Halls Buildings
2016-11-28 The Chief Leader – Stop/Frisk Monitor: NYPD Improving But Key Hurdles Remain
2016-11-10 NY Daily News – Stop-and-Frisk Going Paperless at Federal Monitor’s Suggestion
2016-08-15 The Chief Leader – Cops’ Body Cameras Likely to be Delayed to Last Half of 2017
2016-06-01 NY Daily News – NYPD Monitor Raises Legal Standard for Stop and Frisks in Private Properties, NYCHA Buildings
2016-03-28 The Chief Leader – NYPD Monitor Urges Making Cops Detail Reasons Behind Stops
2016-03-23 NY Daily News – Stop-and-Frisk Forms Would Require More Detailed Explanations from NYPD Officers
2016-02-16 NY Post – Stop-and-Frisks Plunge But Cops Struggle to Comply with Record-Keeping Rules: NYPD Monitor
2016-02-22 The Chief Leader – Monitor: Officers Leery of Discipline, Say Cops at All Levels in Dark on Changes in Stop-and-Frisk Process
2015-12-07 NY Post – NYPD Monitor Wants to Tweak Body-Camera Pilot Program
2015-08-07 NY Post – Cops Must Provide Receipts After Stop-and-Frisks Under New Rules
2015-08-07 NY Daily News – Monitor Proposes NYPD Cops Provide Stop-and-Frisk ‘Receipts,’ Cracks Down on Racial Profiling in New Guidelines
2015-07-13 The Chief Leader – Cops Recording Fewer Stops and Passing on Some Legitimate Ones
2015-07-09 NY Times – Federal Monitor Proposes Larger Trial of Body Cameras for New York Police
2015-07-09 NY Post – NYPD Cops May Be Stopping Too Few Out of Fear of Discipline
2015-02-24 NY Daily News – NYPD Stationhouses Begin Stop-and-Frisk Program Reforms Following Judge’s Recommendations
2015-02-24 NY Daily News – NYPD Stationhouses Begin Stop-and-Frisk Program Reforms
2013-08-13 NY Times – Court-Appointed Police Monitor Has Fought For City and Against It
2013-08-12 NY Times – Behind the Decision on the Stop-and-Frisk Policy
2013-08-10 The Chief Leader – Federal Monitor Has a Nuanced View of Police, Justice Here

2017-12-27 NY Times – Reforms Rein In Police Harassment; Now More Is Needed
2017-11-26 NY Daily News – A Policing Rift That Healed: The Remarkable Transformation of Stop-and-Frisk in New York City
2016-06-23 NY Times – Policing the Police on Stop-and-Frisk
2016-03-26 NY Daily News – Show Your Work, Officer; Stop and Frisk, Fully Explained
2015-12-12 NY Daily News – Fast Forward The Cameras to Record What Cops Are Doing
2015-07-10 NY Daily News – Reason Prevails With NYPD’s Monitor